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4 new outstanding facilities along with 5 failing

4 new outstanding facilities along with 5 failing

Dubai school rankings: 4 new outstanding facilities along with 5 failing
Facilities which have increased the scores of theirs in the KHDA article will have the ability to hike costs within the next academic year

Gems Modern Academy. Courtesy Gems
Anam Rizvi
Anam Rizvi
April ten, 2019

Updated: September 24, 2019

Performance rankings for 176 private institutions in Dubai came out on Wednesday, with 4 brand new outstanding facilities along with 5 singled out for failing.

17 schools have been offered an excellent rating, the top group, like Kings’ School Dubai, Gems Wellington, Gems Jumeirah College and Dubai College.

Another twenty eight were rated quite good, seventy four happened to be ranked really good and fifty two were rated acceptable. 5 schools have been rated weak.

Jumeirah English Speaking School, Horizons English School, Dubai English Speaking School and Kings School Al Barsha rose from excellent last year to great this season.

Lycee Francais International Georges Pompidou School in Dubai dipped from great to really beneficial.

This season, assessment results have been announced monthly first to offer parents more hours to pick schools, training regulator the data and Human Development Authority said. Parents within the emirate use ratings as signs of the school’s quality of training.
The rank of every college additionally determines by just how much it is able to improve its service fees.