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Bullying in Dubai Schools: What Parents Can Do

Bullying in Dubai Schools: What Parents Can Do

Bullying in Dubai Schools: What Parents Can Do
However, the incidence of bullying in schools isn’t a brand new thing
Posted on eleven February 2020|Last updated on eleven February 2020
Rebecca Roberts, Group Editor of ExpatWoman
by Rebecca Roberts
Bullying in Dubai Schools The UAE seeks to protect kids by enforcing laws to protect and encourage then against bullying.
Video footage of an act of bullying fairly recently surfaced on social networking in Dubai, that demonstrates graphic details of a pupil being verbally and physically assaulted.

In the 57 second clip, the bully is seen speaking down to a fellow pupil, bringing her to tears and warning the target to not tell anyone about the event.

The KHDA answered the clip, that is discussed more than 1,800 times on Twitter, thinking it demonstrates undesirable behaviour. In a statement sent to ARN News, a KHDA spokesperson added the event is now under investigation.

Based on a proclamation from GEMS Education, activity that is appropriate continues to be considered after the event. A spokesperson given the following statement, based on Gulf News, “We are conscious of an earlier incident at only one of the facilities of ours allowing it to verify that most appropriate activity has been brought in accordance with our safeguarding policy.

“The school acted promptly to investigate and solve the problem and also we are going to continue to prioritise the security, security and safety, and well being in the world our students.”

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Obviously, the result on social networking and amongst community Facebook groups is among both outrage and shock as pictures as well as the first footage have circulated online.

We here at ExpatWoman would choose never to discuss some stills or maybe the footage itself because they are deemed triggering, and also it is also against the law to discuss pictures/videos of a person with no authorization in the UAE. Our thoughts are together with the target, and we really hope the young pupil has gotten the correct help and attention in the aftermath of the event.

For the time being, we have come up with a comprehensive tutorial for parents on how you can identify symptoms that their kid has been bullied, and also whatever they does as per the UAE and KHDA laws.

What’s bullying?

The UAE’s Supreme Council for Childhood and Motherhood in Abu Dhabi defines bullying in The Anti Bullying Parent’s Guide since the usage of conscious force types of physical or verbal abuse whether specific vs. person or maybe team vs. person, it’s repetitive and unjust behaviour and as time passes it’s meant to harm or maybe pressure someone, wherever this particular individual struggles to protect him/herself because of the unequal power between the person as well as the bully becoming bullied.

The guidebook was released in cooperation with UNICEF, the Ministry of Education (The Department and moe) of Knowledge and Education in Abu Dhabi.

The various kinds of bullying
Verbal: Cursing, phone calls, spreading rumous, name calling, harsh criticism, and anonymous emails
Physical: Beating, kicking, hair pulling, throwing things, taking others’ belongings, and hiding it
Suggestive: Threatening, rude gestures, intentional neglection or maybe alienation, along with threats by staring
Social: Allying against a person, persuading others to alienate someone
Bullying in Dubai Schools
Indicators your kid has been bullied

Occasionally you are able to learn which your kid has been bullied, or maybe you see an impression that’s doubtful. These include, but aren’t restricted to:

Physical symptoms like unjustified bruises, slices or scratches, torn clothes or even damaged belongings
School-related behaviours like a shortage of fear or drive of really going to school, driving the school pus, low amount of scholastic performance
Psychosomatic symptoms may include uncertain pain, abdominal pain, headaches, mouth ulcers
Improvements in societal behaviour like not wanting to head out, not meeting with close friends as frequently as usual
Emotional indicators consist of signs of discomfort, unhappiness, loneliness, depression, drive to cry, stuttering, considering suicide
Disturbing behaviours as bad moods and nervousness, refusing to eat or even feeding on a lot, inability to sleep, nightmares, crying during rest, weeting the bed, unwillingness to chat about what’s happening
Health indicators include overall anxiety, minimal performance, poor resistance to illness, recurrent illnesses, risk or even attempted suicide
What you are able to do in case your kid has been bullied In case you believe your kid is being bullied at college, foremost and first, really encourage them to explain what occurred with you, and also realize it could be hard for a kid to speak about it. Be patient.

Stay away from making the kid to repair their very own circumstance underneath the argument that they need to protect themselves from the bullies – this technique won’t do the job in many situations.
At exactly the same period, do not over protect the kid of yours.

Tune in to them with empathy and interest and attempt to realize what’s going on without pressing or perhaps questioning them.

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Don’t go over the bully’s behaviour with the parents of theirs or perhaps the bully themselves directly.

In case you determine the severity of the behaviour is sufficient to add the college, then ensure you explain what happened to the kid of yours as effectively and also as truthfully as you can.

Dubai’s KHDA really encourages all facilities to get a kid safety policy in position, so parents are encouraged to increase some concerns or incidents quickly to the college first, and in case the matter is not able being solved, and then contact the KHDA directly.

The best way to report bullying on the KHDA The KHDA’s main office is in Academic City, plus the office hours of theirs are from 7.30 am to 4.30 pm from Sunday to Wednesday, and also 7.30 am to 2.30 pm on Thursdays (and throughout Ramadan).

You are able to contact the KHDA immediately on 971 four 364 zero or perhaps telephone call the toll free number, 800 KHDA (800 5432).

For email, please contact or perhaps go to the official KHDA site here.

The UAE additionally enforces a pupil code of conduct which parents and pupils are likely to watch and keep, you are able to read through them entirely below.

About the UAE’s Kid Protection Unit first step In cases that are severe – without always regarding bullying – the UAE’s MoE features a’ Kid Protection Unit’ for the advantage of pupils of private institutions and government across the UAE.