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GEMS Dubai American Academy Barsha South

Welcome to Dubai American Academy! Thank you for visiting the site of ours. GEMS Dubai American Academy (DAA) is actually a vibrant international community, deeply rooted in a culture of kindness. We’re proud of the long heritage of ours and dedication to the academic success of all pupils in an inspirational and compassionate learning environment. Targeting probably the highest international standards for the pupils of ours, DAA offers an enriched American curriculum and also the International Baccalaureate Diploma infused with a focus on innovation, including cutting edge robotics, coding and technology.

DAA pupils are actually compassionate, independent leaders, who act with integrity. With our move to state of the art facilities in 2017, we wish to inspire innovative thinkers who integrate technology across the disciplines, are actually dedicated to a growth mindset and to adopting the emotional and academic dispositions required for meaningful and deep learning experiences.

We take the pupils of ours on a trip through a world class educational experience, empowering them to be the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators. At the center of our future fluent curriculum is creative design, digital fluencies and cutting edge robotics encouraging pupils to apply technology based solutions to real world issues. Pupils are actually challenged to identify, inspire and imagine innovative and new approaches. As they envision and engineer these new approaches they work together cooperatively to evaluate and execute new solutions. They ask questions, analyze and use data and information, and then listen, interpret and communicate info using multi media tools and approaches. Pupils are actually encouraged to discover and dream about the planet and the issues of its all the while developing literacy and competencies digital as they navigate the new technologies arising daily.

Beyond great, DAA is actually an incredible place you have to see to appreciate to its fullest. So come take a tour, and find all we’ve to offer!

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GEMS Dubai American Academy fees

  • KG 1 : 61190 AED
  • KG 2 : 61190 AED
  • GRADE 1 : 86260 AED
  • GRADE 2 : 86260 AED
  • GRADE 3 : 86260 AED
  • GRADE 4 : 86260 AED
  • GRADE 5 : 86260 AED
  • GRADE 6 : 86260 AED
  • GRADE 7 : 86260 AED
  • GRADE 8 : 86260 AED
  • GRADE 9 : 86260 AED
  • GRADE 10 : 86260 AED
  • GRADE 11 : 86260 AED
  • GRADE 12 : 86260 AED
GEMS Dubai American Academy