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Gulf Indian High School Al Garhoud

Gulf Indian High School Fired by a drive to light the lamp of training, Mr. John M. Chairman, the founder, and Thomas, began the school in 1979 with only 200 pupils and thirty five teachers, the aim was really clear – we needed to partner in the informative sector of Dubai by offering value based training which will in turn add to the development of this city.
An African proverb states, “It takes a village to increase a child”. That straightforward declaration, but as deep in its wisdom is actually among the foundations of Gulf Indian High School’s (GIHS) ethos. Learning is actually the answer to UAE’s future results in an increasingly globalized economy. With education emerge qualified human resources to change the engines of the nation’s prosperity.

These days, we’ve developed over ten fold in sheer numbers, supported by a sprawling 35,000 sq ft campus in Al Garhoud. We take pride in imparting values which will prepare the pupils for life. We wish to train kids to create a concern and love for learning.

Even while we grew in size, the fundamental focus towards education has remained unchanged. We continue to be the’ big village’ which raises’ every single child’. Of course, we remain dedicated to the all round improvement of kids. It’s much more than a determination – it’s the duty of ours to parents and the society, to groom responsible global citizens, who could gain from the possibilities while satisfying the difficulties of the contemporary society.
We are going to remain steadfast in the mission of ours towards excellence and make the pupils of ours for a bright future. It’s the duty of ours and we are going to honor it.

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Gulf Indian High School Fees

  • KG 1: 3520
  • KG 2: 3520
  • GRADE 1: 3711
  • GRADE 2: 3711
  • GRADE 3: 3711
  • GRADE 4: 4096
  • GRADE 5: 4096
  • GRADE 6: 4480
  • GRADE 7: 4480
  • GRADE 8: 4480
  • GRADE 9: 5183
  • GRADE 10: 5183
  • GRADE 11: 6656
  • GRADE 12: 6656
Gulf Indian High School