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Horizon English School Dubai Review

Horizon English School Dubai Review

Horizon English School Dubai Review
Horizon English School (HES) is a long established UK curriculum Primary only college located in the center of Jumeirah/Al Safa. After having been rated Very Beneficial to the previous 3 years, HES has finally reclaimed the Outstanding rating in 2018 19 that it’d held previously.
The Story up to now Purely a primary school, Horizon English School achieved an excellent rating on the KHDA in 2018 19, after 3 years at Very Good. When our staff welcomed the new Principal, Ian Wallace, just prior to the publication of the school assessment reports, it was apparent that Horizon English had a distinct vision, a good neighborhood and also the sights of its a lot on simply being an’ Outstanding’ school. That hard tasks are currently accomplished, though it had also been apparent that Horizon isn’t a college to rest on its success.

Horizon English School is a part of the British Schools Middle East (BSME) system and also was first started in 1989. The college currently caters to 937 kids currently, a rise of around thirteen as opposed with the 2017 2018 academic year. Kids are available from a selection of backgrounds as well as a few seventy nationalities, but the biggest total nationality class is from the United Kingdom.

Horizon English School is believed to welcome pupils with SEN needs. The college has “excellent identification procedures” which make sure that the demands of pupils with specific educational requirements and disability (SEND) are dealt with early. Some fifty pupils are dependent on the SEN staff in the present academic year.

“As a division, our inclusion staff is simply amazing which reflects the efforts and dedication that’s put in.,” says Mr. Wallace. “It boils down to this for Horizon English;’ no elitism’. Knowledge is training for all”.

The school engages sixty nine regular teachers, mainly from the UK, thirty eight teaching assistants and a few of understanding support assistants. The school claims class sizes of between nineteen and twenty six as well as the instructor to pupil ratio has stayed at a creditable 1:14. Based on the 2018 19 KHDA report, Teacher turnover is at twenty six %, a rise of two % on 2017 18 and above the prior low of nineteen %, though a major fall from 3 years back when it reach a really tall thirty seven %. Typically, international institutions in the UAE count on a turnover of around 20 22 % each year.

What does the school feel like? Receive the Horizon English School Experience here!

Since’s very first trip, Horizon English School is acquired by Al Najah Education, an investment company. The school welcomed a’ new’ Principal for this academic year, (new to the position instead of the college, previous Deputy Head and Acting Principal of the college), Mr Ian Wallace. Very popular with parents, kids and staff, Mr Wallace has had on a school that is certainly settled and content, as well as a camera that’s ranked amongst the very best in Dubai by the KHDA’s Inspection team.

Mr. Wallace is looking to find a fall in teacher turnover just for the coming year;

“I like coming to perform and we’ve an extremely satisfying group. Teacher retention is forecast to function as the very best ever before this season. We’ve worked very hard on which. We try and make an atmosphere wherein we all like visiting work”.

With a calm and really good natured personal style, it was apparent that Mr Wallace had achieved the goal of his of producing a work climate centred on staff happiness and health.

The Indoor Multi Purpose Sports Hall

How about the curriculum?

When reflecting on the long term future of training, the school’s head is intent upon redefining the curriculum along with continuous improvement.

Mr Wallace told our team:

“Education has changed, and I do not imply that only from a’ jobs of tomorrow’ viewpoint. I consider it to be a moral necessity for all world. Individuals have to master emotional intelligence, communication, about identity, inter personal relationships. That’s what’s likely to allow the kids of ours to be successful. The academic attainment is going to be a by product! I could not trust in this much more than I do now.”

The school shows the English National Curriculum. Classes are instructed in English with a selection of core subjects like Maths, I.C.T., Music, Islamic Studies, Science, Swimming and P.E..

A common classroom at Horizon English School

How about the amenities?

Are you a parent, pupil or teacher at Horizon English School Dubai?
Take a surveyarrow_forward Horizon English School is situated on a prime and extremely roomy plot of land in Al Safa – near The Gulf and safa Park News offices, but in a somewhat quiet residential area. Original plans to create another school on the website (one that might have been in considerable demand) have since been withdrawn because of the acquisition by the proprietors, Al Najah Education, of the now renamed Horizon International School (The) of his in Umm Suqeim three. Pupils from HES have priority access to HIS.

With the curriculum in hand, several enhancements on the school’s amenities are underway, with the target of conclusion for the 2019/20 academic year.

In a statement from Mr. Raza Khan, CEO of Al Najah Education, has found that as an outcome of airers4you’s newest purchase in Horizon English School, pupils are soon to be privy to a multitude of improved and new amenities and facilities, which includes brand new specialist teaching spaces which includes an innovative’ STEAM’ zone to activate brand new concepts, invention and innovation; upgraded sporting facilities (which includes a raised playing region with a perspective of the legendary Dubai skyline); improvement to the pool as well as brand new health facilities. Additional developments are going to include brand new dining and also auditorium spaces combined with enhanced new classrooms and parking to support the wait list.

Relationship benches

What the Inspectors Say Just for the academic year 2018-19, Horizon English School received an excellent rating after 3 years at Very Good, a go back to the rating it’d kept for the prior 3 years from 2012 to 2014.

Overall, the DSIB Inspectors discovered the school Outstanding in nearly every region, with room for development found exclusively in Islamic Education, Arabic (both additional and first language) (rated Acceptable or good) and also for’ Curriculum Adaptation’ (rated Very Good). Some other than these areas, the article is a remarkable sea of’ Outstanding’.

The Foundation Stage has made important improvement, with the assessment team capturing that equally Attainment and Progress has improved from Excellent to Outstanding in the primary aspects of English, Science and mathematics.

Little researchers at Horizon English School

As we record in our Horizon English School EXPERIENCE, the staff have ambitious plans to enhance Arabic attainment.

Students’ social and personal development and growth skills are rated Outstanding, as are most elements of the curriculum. Training for Effective Assessment and Learning too improved to Outstanding for the season 2018 19.

Indoor exercise areas for the first Years Department