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Jumeirah College Al Safa 1

I’m delighted to welcome you to Jumeirah College. I am hoping to convey the passion and enthusiasm both staff and pupils bring to all that they do here, making the school of ours such a fantastic place to find out.

Founded in 1999, Jumeirah College is actually famous for providing an outstanding holistic education. As a college, we’ve a strong focus on academic progress and achievement, and also for the significant majority of our pupils continuation to faculty is the chosen route of theirs.

Our curriculum model is actually based upon the English National Curriculum, but goes considerably beyond the minimum expectations, covering a diverse range of topics. In reality, at A Level, Jumeirah College offers the most extensive range of subject choices in the UAE.

At Jumeirah College, pupils work in an atmosphere in which they’re stretched and challenged, and have their expectations raised to achieve demanding targets. This’s evidenced in the latest results of ours, in which we are proud to say that our pupils have done exceptionally well. Such success is actually a consequence of the partnership between the College, the pupils of ours and their parents through our commitment to parental engagement. I’m extremely proud of the exceptional body of teaching staff we’ve working across the College, engaging the pupils in a broad range of exciting learning opportunities.

At JC we are going to place every pupil in a position in which they’re afforded choices through the lives of theirs, unconstrained by the expectations of others, by the own ambitions of theirs, and by external requirements and boundaries. All pupils are actually a complicated mixture of both strengths and areas for improvement. Understanding these elements is actually the key to fulfilling and discovering the potential of theirs.

Our students’ success can’t be defined by qualifications alone. Pupils leave the College as dynamic and impactful global citizens, fully equipped to play a leading role in whichever walk of life they choose. To achieve this, they’re encouraged to take part in the extensive array of opportunities that exist beyond the classroom.

We’re proud of our tradition of sporting musical excellence and success. Additionally, many opportunities exist in debating and drama, and we also provide a large range of trips and visits both locally and across the world.

The excellent team of ours ensures that every pupil is actually guided and cared for, working hard to make sure that the specific needs of theirs are actually met. Pupils leave Jumeirah College accomplished in academic abilities and become architects of lives that exceed expectations. I’m extremely proud of the exceptional body of teaching staff we’ve working across the College, engaging the pupils in a broad range of exciting learning opportunities.

Pupil leadership is actually at the very heart of the ethos of ours. Our College Executives play a main role in the organisation of the College and our thriving Pupil Council helps to make sure that the views of our pupils are actually represented.

Jumeirah College is actually a difficult and yet exhilarating place to learn, develop and explore. I am hoping that this’s displayed through this specific website. I’d warmly welcome you to come and visit us to experience for yourself all that Jumeirah College has to offer.

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Jumeirah College Fees

  • YEAR 7: 72988 ِAED
  • YEAR 8: 72988 AED
  • YEAR 9: 72988 AED
  • YEAR 10: 82112 AED
  • YEAR 11: 82112 AED
  • YEAR 12: 91235 AED
  • YEAR 13: 91235 AED
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