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Jumeirah English Speaking School Al Safa 1

Welcome to Jumeirah English Speaking School , one of the leading British curriculum schools in the Middle East.
At JESS, culture is actually everything and 2 words encapsulate this culture for me – aspiration and nurture. These words form the heartbeat of the school of ours. Every kid is going to find the place of theirs at Jumeirah and every kid will be the very best they could be, plus more.

We’re a dynamic, forward thinking school, built on foundations of standards that are high and expectations. As one of the longest standing not-for-profit schools in Dubai, we’ve a history along with a proven track record. Every pupil, member and teacher of our community take on a responsibility when joining JESS to maintain and grow the very special culture that exists inside the walls of ours. You are going to find this particular culture embodied in every pocket of the school of ours, in the way JESS pupils think, feel and act, whether aged three or perhaps eighteen.

JESS produces adaptable, versatile, future ready young folks with the characteristics and thinking skills to embrace the challenges presented by a constantly changing world. The academic outcomes our pupils achieve are actually remarkable and provide a launchpad for countless opportunities beyond the school gates.

In ways that are many, JESS reflects the nation we live in. We’re completely committed to the UAE National Agenda and are actually an inclusive, tolerant and welcoming school community with pupils from more than seventy different nationalities sharing a common purpose. Individuals are the key focus of ours. While producing independent learners and 21st century thinkers, it’s the skills that are hard to measure that count. The way, civic-mindedness, humility, empathy, and compassion we treat each other every day are actually at the center of the culture of ours. These foster a symbiotic relationship whereby the pupils of ours and teachers challenge and inspire each other. Positive relationships coupled with purpose and ambition create an irresistible formula.

A student’s world at JESS stretches well beyond the classroom. Whether it be in the sporting arena, performing on the stage, exploring the creativity of theirs or even contributing to the global and local community, the same standards and expectations exist which promote social, personal, emotional, and physical development as well as intellectual growth.

At JESS relationships are actually key, ambition is actually tangible and the opportunities are actually limitless. Every day, every part of our community is actually inspired and motivated to’ Make A Difference’.

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Jumeirah English Speaking School Fees

  • FS 1: 39838 AED
  • FS 2: 49232 AED
  • YEAR 1: 49232 AED
  • YEAR 2: 49232 AED
  • YEAR 3: 49232 AED
  • YEAR 4: 49232 AED
  • YEAR 5: 49232 AED
  • YEAR 6: 49232 AED
Jumeirah English Speaking School